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Faurie: "We, the Argentine people, live in inter-religious dialogue"

11 June 2018
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"Diplomacy's most important role is that of building bridges," Foreign Minister Jorge Faurie stated today as he participated in Iftar, the meal that ends the Ramadan fast, organized by the Islamic Centre of the Argentine Republic and held this afternoon at the Palacio San Martín.

Before Ambassadors, public officials, businesspeople, religious leaders and members of the Muslim community in Buenos Aires and the rest of the country, Faurie underscored that "we are children of immigrants that have managed to adopt not only our traditions and way of life but also respect for diversity."

After the opening words by the President of the Islamic Centre, Anibal Bachir Bakir, Faurie stated that "we, the Argentine people, live in inter-religious dialogue. We do not treat people differently based on whether they are Catholic, Jewish, Protestant or Muslim. This is a land of equals, because we all came with the goal of building a better country," Faurie held, adding that "Muslims, the Islamic community, want a better Argentina, as does the entire Argentine people; a country where we can all access the best that this rich land has to offer."

"Everyone here -both the children of Muslims who came from different corners of the world and all of us who came from other places where the Christian faith was practised- is grateful to this land, because it has given us opportunities and helped us make progress," he stated.

The Islamic community in Argentina is one of the largest Muslim minorities in Latin America. According to the estimates of the International Religious Freedom Report for 2010 of the Pew Research Centre, there are between 400,000 and 500,000 members of the Muslim community living in our country.

Ramadan is a holy month during which Muslims come together as a community to share and end the fast together on this day. But it is also a time of devotion and reflection, in which Muslims seek to boost faith, performing good deeds, lending a hand to those most in need and promoting assistance.


Press release No. 248/18