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Malcorra on the 2030 Agenda: “It is inclusive and poses a huge challenge”

11 May 2017
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“This amazing Agenda that all the countries in the world have established is inclusive and poses a huge challenge,” said Foreign Minister Susana Malcorra upon receiving the Sustainable Development Report: Argentina and the 2030 Agenda that was submitted to her yesterday by the UNDP resident representative in Argentina, René Mauricio Valdés.

“We will only be able to move forward with this 2030 Agenda if we can assess ourselves and the real impact of the decisions that countries make. We believe that the only way to recommit to the results to be achieved with this Agenda is to show where we are really standing, and this includes our strengths and weaknesses,” held Malcorra during the ceremony that took place yesterday at the Palacio San Martín.

The Human Development Report submitted yesterday portrays Argentina’s situation regarding the three main aspects of sustainable development: economic growth, social inclusion and environmental sustainability. It analyzes Argentina’s relative position in the main world development index rankings at the federal and provincial level. It also analyzes the structure and operation of the National Statistics System.

“Argentina has been through a difficult period regarding statistics,” stated Malcorra, underscoring the “need to work on statistics from scratch and see the areas in which we are doing well and the areas in which we are lacking a lot.”

“The other main aspect of implementing the 2030 Agenda in a country like Argentina is that it is a federal country. Therefore, not only do we have to assess implementation globally, but we also have to assess the sum of the parts, that is, the participation of each and every province and their contribution to achieving the objectives of the 2030 Agenda,” explained the Foreign Minister.

Valdés stated that “the 2030 Agenda has been under implementation for two years and the main issue in Latin America is implementation. The first topic to address is the need for information. This is an agenda that requires information and an analysis of reality from three perspectives: the economic, social and environmental perspectives.

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