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Secretariat of Worship

The National Secretariat for Worship is the government department charged with the relations between the various faith communities that exist in the Argentine territory and the Federal Government.

Argentina is a multicultural country that has formed a plural, multi-religious identity through a succession of migration flows.

With a majority Catholic population, the Argentine religious framework is comprised of members of various Christian denominations, the largest Jewish community in Latin America, a growing Islamic community, Buddhists, Africanist traditions, and Hare Krishna, among others.

Some of the main objectives of this Secretariat are to take part in the design of policies on relations between the Republic and the Holy See and with the Sovereign Military Order of Malta; to take part in all aspects of Government relations with the various religious organizations that exist in the national territory, and to foster freedom of religion and interfaith dialogue.


National Secretariat for Worship

Secretary for Worship, Ambassador Santiago de Estrada
Tel.:(+54-11) 4310-8172
Address:Esmeralda 1212, 9th floor – City of Buenos Aires (C1007ABR)


National Undersecretariat for Worship

Undersecretary for Worship, Ambassador Alfredo Abriani
General Coordinator of Worship Affairs, Ambassador Claudia Russo Bernagozzi
Tel.: (+54-11) 4819-7564
Address: Esmeralda 1212, 9th floor – City of Buenos Aires (C1007ABR)

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